Does $20 Oil Mean $1 Gas?

February 10, 2015 user 0

A forecast from Citigroup analysts that crude could fall as low as $20 a barrel made for eye-popping headlines. Since oil prices are most often […]

Ring in Antarctica?

February 10, 2015 user 0

Ever since its discovery was announced earlier this year, the 3 km-wide ring structure discovered on the of Antarctica has been a source of significant […]

Wooly Mammoth back to life?

February 10, 2015 user 2

It’s been called the science of de-extinction–bringing extinct species, like the wooly mammoth back to life. In 2003, scientists revived the bucardo, an extinct Spanish […]

What’s this blog for?

February 8, 2015 user 0

Despite the Social Networks era, we rarely can find a place to share and discuss about our shopping experience. Therefore, we created a specific place […]